Thursday, 2 August 2007

Religion or logic; prohibition or permissiveness?

I find it extremely worrying that some Muslim posters on the BBC's current World Have Your Say debate seem to think ALL Western liberals are immoral, fail to care about their extended families and children, are sexually promiscuous, etc.

Clearly their ARE examples of this is Western Liberal cultures, and arguably some of the problems are worse than in more religious societies.

But it seems that some posters are not aware that many of us in the West would subscribe to many of Ali's ideals, even if we do so from an understanding that it is logical to treat one's fellow human beings with respect, rather than because a religious leader tells us that it is right to do so.

My own view is that there are disadvantages to the strict prohibition of even harmful activities. Prohibition breeds secrecy - so you are less likely to know about the hypocritical behaviour of your neighbour.

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